Jessica shorts #2 with pocket embroidery

Here are my second pair of Jessica shorts! The first pair I made had to be taken in some, so I cut the same size and used french seams on this pair.

And in case you hadn’t heard, I was a featured maker on Kollabora this week! After seeing my first pair of Jessica’s they contacted me about this, and I was super excited! You can see it HERE.

4 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

This is the same fabric as the white skirt I made earlier this summer. The fabric is semi-sheer, so I hemmed the short by hand using a slipstich. I’m wearing white leggings under them here, but earlier this week I wore them with short black leggings that had a lace hem, which is cuter I think. I should have lined the shorts, but by the time I decided this was the better option, I really didn’t want to go back and unpick all those french seams. I think these will be fine with long leggings as the weather gets colder.


I decided to add some cute pocket details since the shorts are one solid color. I drew the scallops with a water soluble marker and ruler. I used backstitches and french knots.

3 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.
2 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

And here’s an awkward looking picture of the back.6 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns). Handmade by Conniya.Next up is some knitting and a pair of Lisa pants! And homework :/


Large pom pom on my head and other crocheted accessories

This ear warmer project came about from two things: a picture on Pinterest and my lack of cold weather accessories over Thanksgiving break. Here is the pin that inspired this.

Pom pom on my head

Most of my family thought it looked silly, and after attaching the pom pom it feel a little over the top for my style. I’ve found that it looks cute and the weight sits better when the pom pom is worn at an angle on the side.

I used size 9 needles (5.5mm) in a sort of knit 2, purl 2 pattern, which mostly stuck to (I’m not much for patterns haha). Then I added a scalloped edge with a crochet hook and sewed the back together with a yarn needle.DSC00143

This is actually the first pom pom I’ve ever made. It’s soooo soft. I can’t hardly wear this around my sister because she rubs her face on it. While I’m wearing it. Awwkwarrd…pom pom headband

The seam in the back is a little bulky because I ended up altering it to make it tighter, but I’m happy with how the final product came out.

I made this purse a few weeks ago. I can’t remember the name of the yarn, but I bought it at Michael’s (on sale, of course). I REALLY like this color, and this yarn is pretty soft too (but not as much as the Caron Simply Soft).
Crochet purse

I made this purse completely form scratch, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The hardest parts were the half circle front and back panels. It’s really hard to keep the edge of the half circle straight. And since I rarely, if ever, write down my own patterns, trying to make a matching back panel was a headache.
crochet purse 2My favorite part about the purse is the tassel 🙂 I love tassels. I wanted the strap to have a more finished look, so I added a blanket stitch in black yarn for a little contrast. I just realized that you can’t see the flap in any of the pictures. Because I had trouble with the front half-circle panel, there is a small outward bulge. Rather than try to create a flap that would lay down nicely, I made a basic square flap that’s meant to be tucked inside. Entire piece is worked in single crochet.

The purse measures approximately 3.5″ tall, 5″ wide, and 2″ deep