Jessica shorts #2 with pocket embroidery

Here are my second pair of Jessica shorts! The first pair I made had to be taken in some, so I cut the same size and used french seams on this pair.

And in case you hadn’t heard, I was a featured maker on Kollabora this week! After seeing my first pair of Jessica’s they contacted me about this, and I was super excited! You can see it HERE.

4 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

This is the same fabric as the white skirt I made earlier this summer. The fabric is semi-sheer, so I hemmed the short by hand using a slipstich. I’m wearing white leggings under them here, but earlier this week I wore them with short black leggings that had a lace hem, which is cuter I think. I should have lined the shorts, but by the time I decided this was the better option, I really didn’t want to go back and unpick all those french seams. I think these will be fine with long leggings as the weather gets colder.


I decided to add some cute pocket details since the shorts are one solid color. I drew the scallops with a water soluble marker and ruler. I used backstitches and french knots.

3 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.
2 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

And here’s an awkward looking picture of the back.6 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns). Handmade by Conniya.Next up is some knitting and a pair of Lisa pants! And homework :/


A Grand Announcement: Sister Cities Etsy Shop

I am really excited to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop with my sister Natasha Moreland! You can find it right here:

SC etsy banner

Today I wanted to share a short story on how and why I decided to start this store.

I discovered Etsy my sophomore year of high school and was completely blown away. I had never seen anything like it before, and was amazed at the range of unique products and skills I saw. At this point I knew how to crochet but was only starting to experiment with making round objects like hats. I didn’t know of many people who enjoyed making things like I did, and I hoped that maybe I would have the skill and guts to open my own Etsy store one day. Since then I have learned to knit and also enjoyed graphic design, which I dabbled in while running the high school newspaper. It wasn’t until last winter that I joined the world of sewing, but I was immediately in love.

Sewing is such a great skill to have. Even if you don’t make your own clothes, you can better appreciate and understand what goes into making the Ready To Wear clothes you buy at the store. Sewing gives you an alternative to mass manufactured uniforms and opens up infinite creative possibilities. Making my own clothes has given me more confidence in the way I dress, and I don’t have to worry if my clothes were made by some underpaid worker in another country. I have more of a personal connection and appreciation for my possessions. I want to share some of these things through Sister Cities.

Natasha and I decided this year that we were going to take the leap — we felt like if we didn’t try it now, then we would end up putting it off forever. So we swallowed our self-doubts and got to work. Everyone has to get started somehow. I always enjoy hearing stories of successful business owners and artists who had humble beginnings by walking around door-to-door with their designs or by selling scrunchies they made to their school friends. If they did it, then we can too!

We want Sister Cities to be a place where you can shop for yourself or for gifts to others. There will be women’s clothing, totes and small bags, and crochet toys/collectibles as well as anything else we dream up! Right now there are only a few things for sale, but many new items will continue to be added in the next few weeks. And we would love to hear feedback on the items you like the best and want to see more of– so stop by the shop and have a look and like our new Facebook page here.

Some of my favorite Etsy clothing shops

Until I get around to taking some decent photos of recent projects, here are links to some of my favorite Etsy clothing shops. My ABSOLUTE favorites right now would be the last two.

lapetitanina owned by Marina Palovaara

Simple and gorgeous

Unique Pink Kimono Dress - Boho style dress for women - one size fit's XS - M - summer dresses Womens skirt and blouse in red viscose summer day dress sleeves chic tea length a line skirt and top boho clothes Women's Summer Dress with pockets - Yellow Day dress knee length - made to order



mrspomeranz owned by Dasha Pomeranzev

So ladylike!

Aquamarine blue woolen dress with red detachable collar by Mrs Pomeranz Beige Woolen Dress by Mrs Pomeranz Custom Made Shirtwaist Cotton Dress by Mrs Pomeranz MARIA - shirtwaist dress made of woolen shawl by Mrs Pomeranz


Cat prints + boxy and cute? Yes, please.

Black Cat Curved Hem Tank Black Cat Dress Floral Tie-Front Crop Tank Painted Box Dress

Isabel Knowles

Love the retro feel. The red dress makes me think Joan Holloway a little.

The 'Florance' Floral Liberty Print Dress With Empire Waistline and Bow Detail Poppy Red Organic Cotton Denim Shift Dress with Embroidered Collar


All the comfy knits in one place, with attitude. Reminds me a little of NastyGal

BABOOSHKA Contour Crop Top BABOOSHKA Dropcrotch Leggings SUMMER ESSENTIAL SALE Babooshka Vent-Tee Maxi Dress


camilliatune owned by Tracy

I always see Chinese and Japanese women pulling off these simple, really loose-fitting styles. HOW DO THEY DO IT? I tend to look like a big ugly tent.

Long Cocktail Dress  Linen dress  Orange Bridesmaid DressLong Linen Dress in Pink   Max SundressWhite Dress Wedding maxi linen dress


OurLittleDaisy owned by Mia Green

SO in love with that romper.

Irregular Pants Women Pants Black Pants Long Pants Sexy Pants Woman Dress Peach Heart Collar Simple Sundress Summer Dress Linen Dress Woman Jumpsuit One Pieces Cotton Denim Jumpsuits Free Style Jumpsuit Women Dress Cotton Denim Dress Spring Dresses Art Nouveau DressApartmentOfMeAPOM owned by Kate Brook

<3<3<3 Obsessed with this adorable house print. And those dresses are just perfect<3<3<3 I also think the model is absolutely gorgeous. I want my hair to look like hers every day.

Hand drawn House Printed Shirt Mio My Mio Midi Dress The Astrid Dress Villa Kula Leggings Hand drawn house print

Norwegian Wood owned by Angie Johnson

Plenty of graphics and prints. They have amazing necklaces and earrings too with lots of fringies and stuff. AND super sweet lingerie.

chiffon overskirt belt chiffon ruffle peplum Egret A line Mini Dress   Black Bamboo Jersey with Digitally printed Organic cotton jersey geometric onesie High Waist Fold Shorts in black tencel Maxi Skirt   Black Bamboo Jersey and Black MeshHigh Waist Ellen Basic Panties   Black Bamboo and Branches Jersey



Hello, 21st century

I finally have a smart phone! And check out my case I just got in the mail today:

2NE1 silicone phone case. Original illustration by Pradi Patt of "flyingtoenail" etsy store.This illustration is by Padi Pratt of the etsy store “flyingtoenail.” I was torn between this case and a Big Bang case. She also has some pretty cool cases with EXO, SHINee, and BAP as well.Check out Padi’s store here:

I’ve had a mess of a time dealing with Verizon. DON’T TRUST VERIZON AGENTS ON!!! They will tell outright lies to get you to buy something from the website. Talk to the people in the store. I’m still pissed off about it.

Anyway, I’m happy I switched to the iPhone 4s. I was using a $10 tracfone before that:

Upgrade from sad little tracfone to the iPhone 4sI’m determined not to become one of those people who are constantly doing things on her phone. However, I’m still excited to be part of the smartphone world. Check me out on instagram @conniya