Jessica shorts #2 with pocket embroidery

Here are my second pair of Jessica shorts! The first pair I made had to be taken in some, so I cut the same size and used french seams on this pair.

And in case you hadn’t heard, I was a featured maker on Kollabora this week! After seeing my first pair of Jessica’s they contacted me about this, and I was super excited! You can see it HERE.

4 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

This is the same fabric as the white skirt I made earlier this summer. The fabric is semi-sheer, so I hemmed the short by hand using a slipstich. I’m wearing white leggings under them here, but earlier this week I wore them with short black leggings that had a lace hem, which is cuter I think. I should have lined the shorts, but by the time I decided this was the better option, I really didn’t want to go back and unpick all those french seams. I think these will be fine with long leggings as the weather gets colder.


I decided to add some cute pocket details since the shorts are one solid color. I drew the scallops with a water soluble marker and ruler. I used backstitches and french knots.

3 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.
2 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns) handmade by Conniya.

And here’s an awkward looking picture of the back.6 White Jessica shorts with black pocket embroidery (Schnittchen Patterns). Handmade by Conniya.Next up is some knitting and a pair of Lisa pants! And homework :/


Laurel Dress #2: Blue paisley linen with front pockets

This Laurel dress went twice as fast as the first one for several reasons. First, this is linen instead of slippery rayon. Second, I didn’t make an underlining so there was less cutting and basting. Third, because I’ve made this before!

P.S. I made the headband too. Yay DAISIESSSSS!

Blue paisley printed Laurel Dress_ front view Handmade by Conniya

Now let’s talk about the good and the bad.

Good: I wasn’t super crazy about this print when it was on the bolt, but I am crazy in love with it now. It’s really bright and I love the contrast in it. Because this fabric is easy to work with, I got the hem exactly like I wanted it

Bad: The neckline is too big because I adjusted it a little too much and forgot to staystitch. If I’m not careful, the top gets all lopsided and tries to hang off one shoulder.
Blue paisley printed Laurel Dress with front pockets. Handmade by Conniya

These pockets are awesome! They’re almost invisible because of the busy print. They are just big enough for my iPhone. I think the dress would look good with a belt, but I didn’t pack one (I’m only home for 3 weeks). Or maybe I could make one with some leftover fabric? We’ll see.
Blue paisley printed Laurel Dress_ sleeve and neckline. Handmade by Conniya

The sleeves seem longer in this version…What is going on around here?! The dress feels bigger all around actually, probably because the linen isn’t drapey like rayon. I took in each side of the skirt 3/4″ and it’s still a bit loose I think. Not sure what I’ll do on the next version of this dress. I think I’ll make a shirt version next. I want to do something drastic to change it up though…hmmm.Blue paisley printed Laurel Dress with pockets_ back view. Handmade by ConniyaIn this view you can see the gap at the neck. I hand sewed a hook and eye at the top but it came undone after literally running around the grandparents’ house in the wind, looking for a place to snap pictures.

I’ve been super busy at the sewing machine– I can’t wait to share them all. I might share a few sneak peeks on Instagram, so watch out!

Handmade swim top and crop top

These pictures are all from February/March, but I never got around to posting them.

I made this swimsuit top to go with the bottoms I made here, in anticipation of a spring break trip that didn’t happen. If I ever get a chance to wear the suit, I’ll share a photo of what it looks like together.

Front view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

For the pattern, I cut up an old bra I was about to throw away, and traced the pieces. I used this handy tutorial by Max California on how to make your own bras. I made two practice versions before I really understood everything. I have enough spandex to make another top, so I might make my own tutorial one day. Max’s pictures were a bit confusing (at least to me), and I did a few things differently than she did.
Back view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Alas! As I was going around and trimming extra threads, I snipped a hole in the edge of the cup 😦 Yet another reason I should make another swim top.
Close-up of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Once you get the hang of making the cups and straps, there are so many possibilities!!! I made this crop top for my sister using knit fabric from another project that didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The front has a center seam, but what’s really fun is the back.Fitted crop top with straps in back. Front and back views. Made by Conniya.

Here are a couple of snapshots of it on my sister. I told her to stand up straight, but she doesn’t listen well 😛 Her shoulders aren’t actually that big haha.
Front view, crop top made by ConniyaBack view, crop top with straps, cutouts. Made by Conniya


Kpop crush: CL, The Baddest Female

CL’s solo is finally out! INSTANT LOVE <3<3<3


Here are a few looks from the music video:

I love CL and Taeyang’s matching victory rolls. And check out G-Dragon’s shorts!

CL the baddest female. Flannel and victory rolls.

So much bling.CL the baddest female. Gizibe ring.

Chilling in the limo.
CL the baddest female. White and black.

CL is a heavyweight champion?CL the baddest female. White bodysuit.

That is the most adorable baby ever! AWWWWWWWWWW 🙂CL the baddest female. Holding the cutest baby ever.