Bright, handmade summer purse (and new shoes!)

Look what I made yesterday!

handmade purse, thrifted cutoffs. by Conniya

And I got these shoes over the weekend at Shoes Carnival ❤ (My brother got some new shoes as well)new shoes

The shorts are cutoffs I made from Goodwill jeans a couple of weeks ago, and the Kpop t-shirt is one I’ve had for a while.

I could probably stare at the pattern of the purse for hours. When you look at it one way, it looks like 3D boxes with a stud in the center…But let your eyes refocus, and it looks like rows of striped diamonds (vertical gray/white stripes, horizontal yellow/gray stripes). Trippy! Reminds me of those holographic folders that were so cool in middle school.
handmade purse. by Conniya

This was my first time sewing a zipper, and it was pretty simple. The duck cloth is really bad about getting frayed, but after cutting all the fringies off the zipper opening looked okay after all.

Purse in progress: front view of zipper. by Conniya      Purse in progress: back view of zipper. by Conniya

I didn’t have any really stiff interfacing, so I used some plain duck cloth as the inside layer to give it structure (Except for the handle).
Pieces for a purse. by ConniyaThe only problem I ran into was that I miscalculated the length I needed to go around the circle so I had to cut an extra square to cover the bottom of the purse. As a result there is one extra seam at the bottom so it’s not a big deal. Measure twice and cut once! Lesson learned.


Put that scrap fabric to good use: bow wallet and infinity scarf

I have a box of scrap fabric. Some of it’s leftover from material I bought, but a lot of it is from old clothes. These two projects were really easy and fast to do. I used an old sweater dress, so they’re also really soft.
Bow wallet made from scrap fabric. Made by Conniya.

This wallet is really cute, but not really practical because this fabric is SUPER stretchy. I mostly made it for practice. I might remake a larger version with stiffer fabric for use as a clutch or something.


The opening flap tucks underneath the bow! How handy is that?!

Bow wallet made from scrap fabric. Made by Conniya

For the infinity scarf, I used four long strips of fabric and sewed hem into a tube.

Infinity scarf made from scrap fabric. Made by Conniya.

I made it small enough so that it would stay gathered right against my neck to keep me warm. It also turns out to be THE PERFECT SIZE to wear as a headband/ear warmer. I didn’t plan that at all. I wish the rest of my life would happen like that lol.
Infinity scarf made from scrap fabric. Made by Conniya

The long and short of it: Gryffindor scarf and matching headband

Some projects take five minutes, and others a year. This scarf is one of those that takes a year. I started it around Valentine’s Day last year, and decided to finish it as I was reorganizing my yarn stash this week.

The main reason I put off finishing it was because I ran out of maroon. I had to use yellow to finish tying off the last few stitches. Originally, it was going to be longer, but I think six and a half feet is long enough, don’t you?

Gryffindor knit scarf by Conniya

Being in a crochet mood, I decided to whip up a headband using the leftover yellow yarn.

Yellow crochet headband with bow

To make the bow, I crochet a rectangle and tied braided yarn around the middle.  A few stitches to attach it to the headband, and TA-DA!

Matching Gryffindor scarf and bow headband by Conniya

Current Obsession: I Got a Boy by Girls’ Generation

This song’s been out for almost a month now, and I’m still listening the heck out of it. It doesn’t matter that it sounds like they mashed together five completely different songs or that these girls look like total hip hop posers. It’s a fun song! It’s a cool dance! It’s…a bunch of creepy orange wigs and trashy looking trench coats??? Yeahhh, let’s pretend that part of the video never happened :/


There are so many cool hats in the video! In one live performance I watched, I saw a blue cap with a big yellow bow (yay, bows!) next to the bill. Here are some of the hat variations and accessories that I thought the girls rocked.

Girls' Generation I got a boy concept photo with hat

shoe girls' generation I got a Boy sparkly

Rows of Bows

I love bows! I think that almost everything is better with a bow on it. I wear them in my hair frequently and made 3 new bows last week to add to my growing collection.

The three on the right are the ones I made last week. The blue one is actually made from leftover scraps of a curtain that was too long for the window.

Top two on the left are ones I rediscovered from my childhood via the “random-hair-things drawer at home (you know you have one, too!). Bottom two on the left are just tied ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Here I am wearing the houndstooth bow. Yay houndstooth!

This one is not actually a bow, but I really like this hairpiece. I almost always get compliments when I wear it. My mom gave this one to me ^^