Knit Scout Tee with contrasting pocket and sleeves

I’ve been on a roll since I got my sewing machine last December. I’ve only been sewing for about 6 months and look at all the things I’ve made! I would love love love to participate in Me-Made May next year, which is when you’re supposed to wear only clothes you’ve made yourself for the entire month. I’m still a looong way away from being able to do that, but I think it’s possible. Being able to make my own clothes is so empowering, and refashioning thrift clothes is a great way to save money and reuse what might otherwise be thrown away. Now, onto the post!

This is the Scout Woven Tee pattern from grainline studio. It is a beginner level pattern, and costs $6.50 to download. I used this navy ponte knit from JoAnn’s  that I already had on hand, but I’m looking forward to making this in other types of materials and different colors.

Front view of knit scout tee with geometric striped pocket and sleeve binding. Conniya

I drew up the pocket pattern from scratch, and cut up an old Billabong tube dress for the contrasting fabric. I love the pattern and color scheme of the fabric, but I just never wore the dress much.Side view of knit scout tee with contrasting pocket and sleeve bindings. Conniya

I was in between sizes, so I just went with the larger one. It’s meant to be loose fitting, but I think I will go with the smaller size next time.

Closeup view of ponte knit scout tee in navy blue. Conniya

This is the second time I’ve had to use easing to sew on a short sleeve. I simply cannot get it to look right! As a result, these sleeves have a bit of a gather, but not so much that I can’t deal with it.
Knit scout tee with contrasting pocket and sleeve binding. ConniyaAnd here’s this picture, because it’s funny 😛


In other news, I got an A in my intro to financial accounting class today!


4 thoughts on “Knit Scout Tee with contrasting pocket and sleeves

    • Thanks!
      It’s basically just a band. I sewed a circle of fabric just a little smaller than the sleeve circumference, and attached it like you would double fold bias tape so that the raw edges would not be visible.

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