Handmade swim top and crop top

These pictures are all from February/March, but I never got around to posting them.

I made this swimsuit top to go with the bottoms I made here, in anticipation of a spring break trip that didn’t happen. If I ever get a chance to wear the suit, I’ll share a photo of what it looks like together.

Front view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

For the pattern, I cut up an old bra I was about to throw away, and traced the pieces. I used this handy tutorial by Max California on how to make your own bras. I made two practice versions before I really understood everything. I have enough spandex to make another top, so I might make my own tutorial one day. Max’s pictures were a bit confusing (at least to me), and I did a few things differently than she did.
Back view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Alas! As I was going around and trimming extra threads, I snipped a hole in the edge of the cup 😦 Yet another reason I should make another swim top.
Close-up of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Once you get the hang of making the cups and straps, there are so many possibilities!!! I made this crop top for my sister using knit fabric from another project that didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The front has a center seam, but what’s really fun is the back.Fitted crop top with straps in back. Front and back views. Made by Conniya.

Here are a couple of snapshots of it on my sister. I told her to stand up straight, but she doesn’t listen well 😛 Her shoulders aren’t actually that big haha.
Front view, crop top made by ConniyaBack view, crop top with straps, cutouts. Made by Conniya



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