High-low side split tunic

I’ve only recently come to fully appreciate the comfort and convenience of wearing leggings. However, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! You’d think it’d be easy to find long shirts since leggings are so popular now, but it isn’t. Everything is just slightly too short, so I decided to make my own tunic out of this amazingly soft and stretchy fabric from JoAnn’s.

I’m not patient enough to wait until the sun is at the right place, so I’m sorry about the kinda awkward photos  :/

Handmade high low tunic. by ConniyaI based this pattern off of an old t-shirt I have that I wish were a tad bit longer. Shirt sleeves are a nightmare I haven’t mastered yet so I went with seamless sleeves instead (1 pc for the shirt front and 1 pc for the back).

Tracing the shirt. ConniyaBut wait, there’s more!

Side view of high low tunic. by ConniyaI was inspired to do this by the vent-tee maxi dress I saw on the etsy store BabooshkaBoutique. I am also in love with the drawstring dropcrotch knickers…and everything else in her store. Everything is 25% off for memorial day, so check it out.

vent tee maxi dress by BabooshkaBoutique etsy storeI was so proud of myself for doing this neckline! I had to redo it twice, and it still isn’t perfect. It’s good enough for me though. Picking out stitches in this fabric is a nightmare.

Neckline closeup. Conniya

Here are two crucial techniques I learned while working on this:

1. Slightly stretch the fabric while sewing a straight seam because you want it to be able to stretch out a little when you’re wearing the garment and putting it off and on. This also helps get rid of those annoying puckers I had trouble with in this dress.

2. For the neckline: stretch out the binding as you sew, but DON’T stretch the main piece of material. This makes the neckline lay flat. I took a strip of fabric folded in half lengthwise, pressed it, and sewed rights sides together at the raw edge.

The first time I did mine, it wasn’t stretched enough. The second time around I stretched mine too much in the front, which left a few gathers as you can tell in the photo above


Now I can’t wait to work with more knits! Maybe I will be able to head back to JoAnn’s in Lexington sometime this summer.


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