Handmade swim top and crop top

These pictures are all from February/March, but I never got around to posting them.

I made this swimsuit top to go with the bottoms I made here, in anticipation of a spring break trip that didn’t happen. If I ever get a chance to wear the suit, I’ll share a photo of what it looks like together.

Front view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

For the pattern, I cut up an old bra I was about to throw away, and traced the pieces. I used this handy tutorial by Max California on how to make your own bras. I made two practice versions before I really understood everything. I have enough spandex to make another top, so I might make my own tutorial one day. Max’s pictures were a bit confusing (at least to me), and I did a few things differently than she did.
Back view of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Alas! As I was going around and trimming extra threads, I snipped a hole in the edge of the cup 😦 Yet another reason I should make another swim top.
Close-up of swim top. Handmade by Conniya

Once you get the hang of making the cups and straps, there are so many possibilities!!! I made this crop top for my sister using knit fabric from another project that didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The front has a center seam, but what’s really fun is the back.Fitted crop top with straps in back. Front and back views. Made by Conniya.

Here are a couple of snapshots of it on my sister. I told her to stand up straight, but she doesn’t listen well 😛 Her shoulders aren’t actually that big haha.
Front view, crop top made by ConniyaBack view, crop top with straps, cutouts. Made by Conniya



Kpop crush: CL, The Baddest Female

CL’s solo is finally out! INSTANT LOVE <3<3<3


Here are a few looks from the music video:

I love CL and Taeyang’s matching victory rolls. And check out G-Dragon’s shorts!

CL the baddest female. Flannel and victory rolls.

So much bling.CL the baddest female. Gizibe ring.

Chilling in the limo.
CL the baddest female. White and black.

CL is a heavyweight champion?CL the baddest female. White bodysuit.

That is the most adorable baby ever! AWWWWWWWWWW 🙂CL the baddest female. Holding the cutest baby ever.

High-low side split tunic

I’ve only recently come to fully appreciate the comfort and convenience of wearing leggings. However, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! You’d think it’d be easy to find long shirts since leggings are so popular now, but it isn’t. Everything is just slightly too short, so I decided to make my own tunic out of this amazingly soft and stretchy fabric from JoAnn’s.

I’m not patient enough to wait until the sun is at the right place, so I’m sorry about the kinda awkward photos  :/

Handmade high low tunic. by ConniyaI based this pattern off of an old t-shirt I have that I wish were a tad bit longer. Shirt sleeves are a nightmare I haven’t mastered yet so I went with seamless sleeves instead (1 pc for the shirt front and 1 pc for the back).

Tracing the shirt. ConniyaBut wait, there’s more!

Side view of high low tunic. by ConniyaI was inspired to do this by the vent-tee maxi dress I saw on the etsy store BabooshkaBoutique. I am also in love with the drawstring dropcrotch knickers…and everything else in her store. Everything is 25% off for memorial day, so check it out.

vent tee maxi dress by BabooshkaBoutique etsy storeI was so proud of myself for doing this neckline! I had to redo it twice, and it still isn’t perfect. It’s good enough for me though. Picking out stitches in this fabric is a nightmare.

Neckline closeup. Conniya

Here are two crucial techniques I learned while working on this:

1. Slightly stretch the fabric while sewing a straight seam because you want it to be able to stretch out a little when you’re wearing the garment and putting it off and on. This also helps get rid of those annoying puckers I had trouble with in this dress.

2. For the neckline: stretch out the binding as you sew, but DON’T stretch the main piece of material. This makes the neckline lay flat. I took a strip of fabric folded in half lengthwise, pressed it, and sewed rights sides together at the raw edge.

The first time I did mine, it wasn’t stretched enough. The second time around I stretched mine too much in the front, which left a few gathers as you can tell in the photo above


Now I can’t wait to work with more knits! Maybe I will be able to head back to JoAnn’s in Lexington sometime this summer.

Hello, 21st century

I finally have a smart phone! And check out my case I just got in the mail today:

2NE1 silicone phone case. Original illustration by Pradi Patt of "flyingtoenail" etsy store.This illustration is by Padi Pratt of the etsy store “flyingtoenail.” I was torn between this case and a Big Bang case. She also has some pretty cool cases with EXO, SHINee, and BAP as well.Check out Padi’s store here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flyingtoenail?ref=seller_info

I’ve had a mess of a time dealing with Verizon. DON’T TRUST VERIZON AGENTS ON verizonwireless.com!!! They will tell outright lies to get you to buy something from the website. Talk to the people in the store. I’m still pissed off about it.

Anyway, I’m happy I switched to the iPhone 4s. I was using a $10 tracfone before that:

Upgrade from sad little tracfone to the iPhone 4sI’m determined not to become one of those people who are constantly doing things on her phone. However, I’m still excited to be part of the smartphone world. Check me out on instagram @conniya

Bright, handmade summer purse (and new shoes!)

Look what I made yesterday!

handmade purse, thrifted cutoffs. by Conniya

And I got these shoes over the weekend at Shoes Carnival ❤ (My brother got some new shoes as well)new shoes

The shorts are cutoffs I made from Goodwill jeans a couple of weeks ago, and the Kpop t-shirt is one I’ve had for a while.

I could probably stare at the pattern of the purse for hours. When you look at it one way, it looks like 3D boxes with a stud in the center…But let your eyes refocus, and it looks like rows of striped diamonds (vertical gray/white stripes, horizontal yellow/gray stripes). Trippy! Reminds me of those holographic folders that were so cool in middle school.
handmade purse. by Conniya

This was my first time sewing a zipper, and it was pretty simple. The duck cloth is really bad about getting frayed, but after cutting all the fringies off the zipper opening looked okay after all.

Purse in progress: front view of zipper. by Conniya      Purse in progress: back view of zipper. by Conniya

I didn’t have any really stiff interfacing, so I used some plain duck cloth as the inside layer to give it structure (Except for the handle).
Pieces for a purse. by ConniyaThe only problem I ran into was that I miscalculated the length I needed to go around the circle so I had to cut an extra square to cover the bottom of the purse. As a result there is one extra seam at the bottom so it’s not a big deal. Measure twice and cut once! Lesson learned.

1 tote, 2 purses, and flowers for all

The dreaded finals week is over, so now I get to catch up on some of things I’ve been working on 🙂

I got some fabric at JoAnn’s in Lexington a couple of weeks ago. I’m used to going to the Richmond Hobby Lobby or Walmart, so being in JoAnn’s for the first time was amazing! So many things. And the red knit fabric there on the bottom was on sale 🙂

Fabric from JoAnn's

With summer coming up (and just for the convenience of it), I wanted a couple of totes that were big enough for a binder because I hate getting sweaty from wearing a backpack.

blue pastoral scenes handmade tote. by ConniyaThis was pretty simple to make. I used almost exactly one half yard of fabric. I’m thinking about making a little pouch with the leftover strip. Thinking back, I should have added a pocket on the inside. Oh well!
inside blue tote. by Conniya

You’ll see these flowers again soon for another project I’m planning.handmade pastoral scenes tote with flowers and bow. by Conniya

This purse was made from a clearance tablecloth I picked up at Walmart one night. I bought it specifically for the purpose of practicing making purses. Making this was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.
round purse front view. by ConniyaInstead of using the yellow/gray fabric pictured at the top to make a tote, I think I’m going to make another round purse. I think a zipper would be the best option for the top (it’ll be my first time sewing on a zipper!).

round purse side view. by Conniya

The technique I wanted to practice on this rectangle purse were the teardrop-shaped sides.
rectangle purse side view. by Conniya

The front is pretty boring though. I think this could be pretty cute if the front flap were in the shape of a heart, or maybe had a scalloped edge.
rectangle purse. by ConniyaThe split handles were actually a product of laziness that I ended up really liking. I was trying to finish the purse so I could go to bed and didn’t feel like sewing a strap, so I used the extra edges of the tablecloth I had cut off earlier. Since it was so thin I folded the “string” in half and sewed them together in the center.rectangle purse straps. by Conniya

I’m looking forward to making the final versions of one or both of these purses with some nicer fabric soon. I would LOVE some floral fabric.

Btw, I won $505 at bingo last weekend! 5 was from a pulltab and 500 from the last “coverall” bingo game. I told you guys I was lucky! Remember all these things I won last year? I wish I could go crazy and spend it all on fabric, but alas! I’ve got other things to pay for. Some of which will show up on this blog 🙂

See ya!