Thrift shop style

I picked up this shirt last summer in some no-name thrift shop in Murray, Ky. Originally it looked like it was made for someone 3 inches shorter and 10 inches wider (I’m not exaggerating). This was before I had my own sewing machine, so I asked my grandma to take in the sides.
embroidered and altered thrift shop shirt

Last weekend I made a short trip to Goodwill in search of jeans I could cut off into shorts. I lost weight last semester, so none of my shorts fit anymore. I didn’t find any jeans, but I did find this adorable maternity dress! I was on my way out the door, and it caught my eye. It looked like new, and I loved the bright color. I’ve been making an effort to comfortize (is that even a word?) my wardrobe and this dress fits the bill. It’s a medium/heavyweight knit with some length to it. It cost about $5.

before and after thrift shop maternity dress makeover. by Conniya

This was supposed to be a fast and easy makeover, but took a little bit longer because I kept making mistakes.

Basically, I flipped the dress inside out and made a new, slightly curved seam on each side. I didn’t have a dress to copy from, so it took a few tries to get the seams just the way I wanted. After I was fairly happy with the seams, I still had a few small puckers around the hip area, which I couldn’t seem to fix. I got a few of them fixed and wore the dress anyway since it’s not that noticeable. I’ve already worn the dress once and got several compliments 🙂 I love my new dress!

And here’s this because who doesn’t love this song?

Have a great day!