My first sock using the bright tweed pattern by Edie Eckman

After getting some sock knitting supplies for Christmas, I’ve been working on making these socks. This is the bright tweed pattern by Edie Eckman.

Bright Tweed sock pattern by Edie Eckman

This picture was taken during Christmas break.


After making the cuff and heel, I got stuck at the instep and set the whole thing down for over a month. Until now! I’ve been working on this baby off and on for a few weeks, and have finally finished it. There are only a few problems with it.

The biggest issue is that I didn’t mark the beginning of the row, and managed to knit this weird little corner on the top of the sock. I think the whole body is rotated, but the rest of the heel looks pretty normal. Other than the two holes, that is.

Top of knit sock

There are also these holes and a dropped stitch, which I stitched down so it wouldn’t cause a run.


Overall, this sock turned out better than I hoped, and it actually fits! So if I need a holey, single mate sock one morning, I’ll always have one I guess. hahaha.

Bright tweed sock. Pattern by Edie Eckman


2 thoughts on “My first sock using the bright tweed pattern by Edie Eckman

  1. I had holes and dropped stitches in my first socks too. Luckily, you can just take some spare yarn to them and patch them up! What I couldn’t patch up was the balloon shape the foot seemed to take on lol. Your socks look better than mine did! Keep up the great work!

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