Crochet “Pineapple” Bookmark

Pinterest and I have an ambivalent relationship. There are so many cool things to discover and pretty pictures to look at! But I spend way too much time looking at it. However, it’s still pretty sweet when I find something through Pinterest and actually follow through with it. Like these crocheted bookmarks!

Click HERE for the free pattern.


My boyfriend bought me this book and got it signed by the author during his winter residency this January. Isn’t he sweet? Justin Cronin is probably more well known for his other novel, The Passage, which is the first in a trilogy and is going to be made into a movie.

This is the first time I’ve used crochet thread before. These two variegated threads (and the hook I used) were given to me by a family member over Christmas break. I’m excited to do more cool things with thread in the future.

DSC00667Next, I want to make a couple of drink coasters out of red thread I bought at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I’m in love with this leaf pattern, but might do granny squares or a plain circle instead. I’m a little intimidated by crochet diagrams, plus everything on the site is in a different language :/

I’ve also been working on some sewing projects, which I can’t wait to share!!


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