Easy Crocheted Laptop Sleeve

After Christmas I bought an Asus Infinity tablet…after using it for a few weeks, I bought the Asus mobile keyboard dock only to find out that my tablet was defective. Without going into the details, I ended up returning both items and getting as Asus touchscreen tablet instead! Tablets are cool, but I am definitely happier and more productive with my 11.6″ computer. (side note: Windows 8 is not the nightmare that everyone claims. It’s not hard to learn, and it’s actually kind of fun.)

My boyfriend bought the same computer and has been wanting a simple sleeve for added protection when he carries it in his backpack. Here’s what I came up with:


This is actually a gif. If the picture isn’t moving, then open it in another window to see the animations.

To make the sleeve extra thick, I crocheted with two strands of yarn (acrylic, medium weight) using a K-sized hook.

The body is worked in a circle, which I laid flat in order to sew a seam in the bottom. I used the half double crochet stitch.

half double crochet two color yarn

For the strap at the top, I made three vertical rows of half double crochet stitches and sewed it to the back of the sleeve. The space between the stitches is big enough for a medium-sized button — no need to chain over any spaces to create a buttonhole.Half double crochet two color yarn button strap



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