Crochet Owl Pillow

I just love finishing a big project! This design is based off of a sample project that was hanging in the Michaels store that my boyfriend really liked. I took the basic idea and made it larger.

crochet owl pillow

The pillow is 20″ in diameter and fairly thick, especially since this photo was taken immediately after I finished stuffing it. Before stuffing it, I decided to have a little fun with it and wear it as a mask.

crochet owl pillow as mask

I actually just finished this book today and it’s AWESOME! Definitely recommend it for introverts and extroverts alike.

crochet owl mask susan cain quiet the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Isn’t my boyfriend cute?

crochet owl pillow as mask

Basic Instructions:

  • Single crochet two large circles. They need to be concave (to what degree depend on how fat you want the pillow to be).
  • BEFORE you sew the circles together, crochet the eyes and beak (basic circle and triangle shapes) and attach them using a yarn needle and yarn.
  • Using the yarn and yarn needle, turn the circles inside out and sew them together and stop a few inches before completing the circle.
  • Stuff the pillow with whatever stuffing you like. I used polyfill (a 50 oz bag was about $9 at Walmart).
  • Continue sewing around the edge until the gap is closed. Weave in any yarn tails.

I didn’t put any ears on mine, but might add one some feet later. For now I’m getting ready to go home for Christmas! Here are some stocking stuffers I got for my family 🙂



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