Scrapbook Snapshots

I’ve been planning to start a scrapbook for a while, and I’ve already gotten several pages done. Yay for being productive during school breaks! I used my 50 free prints from to get started. Here are some glimpses into my scrapbook…

Using a design from Diana Rupp’s book, Embroider Everything Workshop, I am embroidering a frame on the first page. I traced the design on tracing paper, taped it to my scrapbook page, and poked holes before I started in with the thread.


Embroidering on paper is a lot slower than using cloth because you have to be more careful with it. I’m just going to work on this page here and there when I feel like it.

I used the “L” in Lake Reba to cleverly hide my boyfriend in the background (he was fixing his hair).


Step-by-step pumpkin cutout breaks up the monotony of square pictures and creates left-to-right eye movement across the page.


I like contrasting goofy pictures with a serious, straightforward layout and fancy background.


In case you can’t tell yet, I really like cutouts. I think they make the page feel more casual and magazine-like. They’re also useful if you are trying to fit a lot of pictures on one page or when your pictures are awkward sizes.


Origami moustaches: easy to make and lots of fun.


Since I don’t have a fancy letter cutting machine like the cricut, I often type in Adobe InDesign and trace directly from my computer screen. I use InDesign rather than MS Word because it’s easier to control the size, spacing, and stretching to fit the size of paper I’m using. I created this for a page that had a few random pictures that didn’t go with anything else.


More cutouts and paper layering in complementary colors.


I really like the way these two prints go together. I often used these little tags to add the date on the page somewhere when I didn’t want to fit it onto the page title (or when you don’t have a page title).



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