Customized Anthology pages 4-10

In case you forgot, I am compiling my own anthology of different poems, lyrics, and excerpts I like. Click here to see the first three pages.


Page 4: poem by E.E. Cummings

This poem is brief and simple, although it make take you a second to read it.

pg 4

Page 5: Nightclub by Billy Collins

Discovered this poem in a book of poetry and instantly fell in love with it. I also like the poem Litany by Billy Collins, especially when this adorable 3yr-old recites it.

pg 5

Page 6: an excerpt from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

There are SO MANY great excerpts I could have done from this book. This one is towards the beginning. Visually, the page isn’t as awesome as I had imagined it beforehand, but I decided to keep it anyway. I was thinking that the little rhinestones would kind of represent the words “atoms,” “beauty,” and “sky.” (I realize that “sky” is not in this excerpt, but this is taken from a scene when the Bishop of Digne is in his garden at night, looking at the sky and contemplating).

pg 6

Page 7: How Swallowtails Become Dragons by Bianca Spriggs

This poem is from a collection by Bianca Spriggs that was gifted to me last year by a friend. Before I started this anthology, I had this hanging up on my bulletin board because I like this poem so much. I really like how this page turned out visually.

pg 7


Page 8: Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats

This is a beautiful poem, but it’s also fun to recite in your “Yeats” voice. If you’ve never heard him read before, you need to. Click here to listen.

pg 8

Page 9: Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

The first time I read this poem was in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which is still one of my favorite novels ever. I’m not a huge Frost fan, but now when I see this poem, which is beautiful in its own right, I try not to tear up thinking about Ponyboy.

pg 9

Page 10: January 18, 1979 by John Yau

I’m not that familiar with this poet, but I came across this poem while reading through my boyfriend’s copy of The Oxford Book of American Poetry. This was on the last page of the book (I always like to read the first and last pages).

pg 10



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