Fashion Roundup

knit plus crochet roundup, 12.12.12


The natural hair + grainy black and white + my obsession with rompers/overalls= instant love! I really like casual, comfortable looking fashion. (Below) Jane Birkin by Alex Chatelain for Vogue Paris, June 1970



Chunky, oversized sweater on top of a retro, dorky print and a big hair bow. The only way you could improve on this outfit is to get rid of that cigarette. Photo by Tommy Ton.


i like cats I found this sweatshirt on etsy (by BurgerAndFriends) for $26. I feel that hand-knit version of this would suit the cat lady theme more though, don’t you?


Cacharel_FW2012_PB023Cozy neutrals for winter? Yes, please! Top is Cacherel FW2012 and bottom is a Vince sweater via Stylish options for hiding that food baby that you know is going to happen this Christmas hahaha. I’ve been noticing a lot of bobble knit/bubble crochet stitches lately and want to try my hand at it sometime. They’re like polka dots, but better!

bobble knit sweater


These hand crocheted shorts are adorable and look super comfy. I can definitely see myself wearing these all the time. $64 on the ettygeller shop on etsy

crochet short


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