I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

In my family, I am notorious for my sloppy present wrapping. My thoughts? It’s just going to be ripped up and thrown away later, and if it’s round then the recipient should understand what a pain it was to wrap it. While the not-so-tidy paper corners may still make my dad cringe, I’m hoping that my gift toppers will distract him.


 I prefer to wrap Christmas presents with newspaper for several reasons:

1. It looks cool

2. It’s eco-friendly

3. It’s free (depending on which newspaper you use)

4. The paper is already cut into reasonably sized squares

The downsides of using newspaper:

1. Sometimes there are awkward headlines (Last Christmas, I had to scrap all the front pages because I didn’t think “Sodomy reported on campus” was appropriate for my young cousin’s gift wrapping)

2. Ink can rub off on your hands and gifts (Don’t use it as tissue paper to wrap a white sweater)

3. May be awkward when wrapping very large gifts

Here are the basic instructions for making the bow you see on the tallest present.

step 1, stripsCut lengthwise strips

step 2, circlesTape (or glue) then into circles

step 3, stapleOnce you have as many loops as you want, staple them together. Make sure that all the taped parts are in the center of the bow so they aren’t visible later.

bottom bowHere’s what it looks like. Now repeat the first few steps using slightly shorter strips of paper. I created two layers of loops, but you could do more if you want.

step 5, topperUsing the same basic method, cut short strips of paper and make them into loops.

step 5, topper final

I used four loops and tucked them inside of each other to create a sphere. Put a longish piece of tape on the bottom to keep them from shifting around.

final bowTape your layers together and tape the entire thing to the top of your gift, and TA-DAAA!


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