Knit + Crochet Vintage Patterns

Here are some lovely vintage patterns to look at. Merry Christmas!!!


Knitted shirt and cardigan, 1940s. Buy it here.

It has bows on it. Enough said.


Vogue Knitted dress, 1960. Buy it here.

I love the silhouette. Feminine, classy, and retro.

vneck striped dress

Crochet Romper, 1960-70s. Listed here.

Remember this romper? Well here’s an older version, modeled by Sir Michael Caine’s wife, Shakira (Btw, I’m kind of in love with Michael Caine; he’s kind of the coolest old man ever). This pattern was recently sold on etsy, but it will probably be re-posted soon since it’s sold as a PDF.

crochet romper

Knit Helmets. Buy it here.

I love the helmet on the top right. I think it’s just the coolest looking accessory. The idea of having a hat/hood that doesn’t get blown off in the wind is cool,  and these things will definitely cover up a bad hair day.

knit hat pattern vintage

Crochet and Knit Hot Pants, 1970s. Buy it here.

Hot pants are another fashion trend that has become popular again recently, and here are several knit and crochet versions of it. There is so much going on in this picture. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it.

hot pants


Crochet Owl Pillow

I just love finishing a big project! This design is based off of a sample project that was hanging in the Michaels store that my boyfriend really liked. I took the basic idea and made it larger.

crochet owl pillow

The pillow is 20″ in diameter and fairly thick, especially since this photo was taken immediately after I finished stuffing it. Before stuffing it, I decided to have a little fun with it and wear it as a mask.

crochet owl pillow as mask

I actually just finished this book today and it’s AWESOME! Definitely recommend it for introverts and extroverts alike.

crochet owl mask susan cain quiet the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Isn’t my boyfriend cute?

crochet owl pillow as mask

Basic Instructions:

  • Single crochet two large circles. They need to be concave (to what degree depend on how fat you want the pillow to be).
  • BEFORE you sew the circles together, crochet the eyes and beak (basic circle and triangle shapes) and attach them using a yarn needle and yarn.
  • Using the yarn and yarn needle, turn the circles inside out and sew them together and stop a few inches before completing the circle.
  • Stuff the pillow with whatever stuffing you like. I used polyfill (a 50 oz bag was about $9 at Walmart).
  • Continue sewing around the edge until the gap is closed. Weave in any yarn tails.

I didn’t put any ears on mine, but might add one some feet later. For now I’m getting ready to go home for Christmas! Here are some stocking stuffers I got for my family 🙂


Scrapbook Snapshots

I’ve been planning to start a scrapbook for a while, and I’ve already gotten several pages done. Yay for being productive during school breaks! I used my 50 free prints from to get started. Here are some glimpses into my scrapbook…

Using a design from Diana Rupp’s book, Embroider Everything Workshop, I am embroidering a frame on the first page. I traced the design on tracing paper, taped it to my scrapbook page, and poked holes before I started in with the thread.


Embroidering on paper is a lot slower than using cloth because you have to be more careful with it. I’m just going to work on this page here and there when I feel like it.

I used the “L” in Lake Reba to cleverly hide my boyfriend in the background (he was fixing his hair).


Step-by-step pumpkin cutout breaks up the monotony of square pictures and creates left-to-right eye movement across the page.


I like contrasting goofy pictures with a serious, straightforward layout and fancy background.


In case you can’t tell yet, I really like cutouts. I think they make the page feel more casual and magazine-like. They’re also useful if you are trying to fit a lot of pictures on one page or when your pictures are awkward sizes.


Origami moustaches: easy to make and lots of fun.


Since I don’t have a fancy letter cutting machine like the cricut, I often type in Adobe InDesign and trace directly from my computer screen. I use InDesign rather than MS Word because it’s easier to control the size, spacing, and stretching to fit the size of paper I’m using. I created this for a page that had a few random pictures that didn’t go with anything else.


More cutouts and paper layering in complementary colors.


I really like the way these two prints go together. I often used these little tags to add the date on the page somewhere when I didn’t want to fit it onto the page title (or when you don’t have a page title).


Customized Anthology pages 4-10

In case you forgot, I am compiling my own anthology of different poems, lyrics, and excerpts I like. Click here to see the first three pages.


Page 4: poem by E.E. Cummings

This poem is brief and simple, although it make take you a second to read it.

pg 4

Page 5: Nightclub by Billy Collins

Discovered this poem in a book of poetry and instantly fell in love with it. I also like the poem Litany by Billy Collins, especially when this adorable 3yr-old recites it.

pg 5

Page 6: an excerpt from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

There are SO MANY great excerpts I could have done from this book. This one is towards the beginning. Visually, the page isn’t as awesome as I had imagined it beforehand, but I decided to keep it anyway. I was thinking that the little rhinestones would kind of represent the words “atoms,” “beauty,” and “sky.” (I realize that “sky” is not in this excerpt, but this is taken from a scene when the Bishop of Digne is in his garden at night, looking at the sky and contemplating).

pg 6

Page 7: How Swallowtails Become Dragons by Bianca Spriggs

This poem is from a collection by Bianca Spriggs that was gifted to me last year by a friend. Before I started this anthology, I had this hanging up on my bulletin board because I like this poem so much. I really like how this page turned out visually.

pg 7


Page 8: Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats

This is a beautiful poem, but it’s also fun to recite in your “Yeats” voice. If you’ve never heard him read before, you need to. Click here to listen.

pg 8

Page 9: Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

The first time I read this poem was in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which is still one of my favorite novels ever. I’m not a huge Frost fan, but now when I see this poem, which is beautiful in its own right, I try not to tear up thinking about Ponyboy.

pg 9

Page 10: January 18, 1979 by John Yau

I’m not that familiar with this poet, but I came across this poem while reading through my boyfriend’s copy of The Oxford Book of American Poetry. This was on the last page of the book (I always like to read the first and last pages).

pg 10


Fashion Roundup

knit plus crochet roundup, 12.12.12


The natural hair + grainy black and white + my obsession with rompers/overalls= instant love! I really like casual, comfortable looking fashion. (Below) Jane Birkin by Alex Chatelain for Vogue Paris, June 1970



Chunky, oversized sweater on top of a retro, dorky print and a big hair bow. The only way you could improve on this outfit is to get rid of that cigarette. Photo by Tommy Ton.


i like cats I found this sweatshirt on etsy (by BurgerAndFriends) for $26. I feel that hand-knit version of this would suit the cat lady theme more though, don’t you?


Cacharel_FW2012_PB023Cozy neutrals for winter? Yes, please! Top is Cacherel FW2012 and bottom is a Vince sweater via Stylish options for hiding that food baby that you know is going to happen this Christmas hahaha. I’ve been noticing a lot of bobble knit/bubble crochet stitches lately and want to try my hand at it sometime. They’re like polka dots, but better!

bobble knit sweater


These hand crocheted shorts are adorable and look super comfy. I can definitely see myself wearing these all the time. $64 on the ettygeller shop on etsy

crochet short

The cat’s on the bag (yes, I said that correctly)

My boyfriend and I decided to do Christmas early, and he got me a sewing machine!!!


For my first big project, I made a small backpack.


I traced the cat design from a vintage embroidery transfer I saw on the internet somewhere (I seem to have lost the Url…) and embroidered it by hand. I sewed six buttonholes around the top of the bag and used a piece of braided yarn as a drawstring. This may not be the sturdiest option, but I do like the pop of color 🙂



 I made the pocket mainly for holding pens and pencils. It kind of looks like the cat is standing on the other side of a glass door, with the pocket flap being the awning. I didn’t plan it this way, but I think it’s cute ^^


What I learned:

Plan ahead. Sewing on pockets and straps is much easier to do before you join the two halves of the bag together.

Measure twice. Originally I was going to have a floral material as an inner lining. It turned out great…except it was too small. I decided the lining wasn’t necessary and am currently using it as a yarn bag.

Remember to backstitch. Backstitching is when you sew forward, in reverse, then forward again. Doing this at the beginning and end of each seam makes it  more secure. I didn’t always remember to do this, but I will try to remember in the future.

My bookshelf + interview with author Darnell Arnoult

what's on my bookshelfFrom left to right:

1. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Last week I finally passed the halfway point in Les Miserables! I feel confident that I can finish it before Christmas (I’m a fast reader). This book is amazing, but it is easy to get bogged down in parts such as when Hugo starts listing philosophers, French history, and describes Waterloo for a very long time. Everything I know about French history are the bits I remember from AP European history in high school, which is to say not very much.

2. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I snagged this during one of Amazon’s lightning deals for a great price, and I can’t wait to read it! I’ve always felt kind of bad about being an introvert because it seems that everyone prefers an outspoken “people person” and most careers require you to be an extrovert. I’m excited to see what Cain has to say about introverts (and how awesome we are :P).

3 & 4. The Midnighters trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

I’ve already read the first one and enjoyed it, but put off finishing the trilogy until I got done with Les Miserables. I might be getting a little old for these books, but I’m still gonna read the heck out of them.

5. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

This was an instant classic when it was written, and I hear Lolita references fairly often. I think I’ll really enjoy this book (I read a few lines of Nabokov’s book Pale Fire), and I’ll probably start it after I finish Les Mis and Quiet.

6. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Dessen is great at creating complex, flawed female characters who are stronger than they realize. The first Dessen book I read was This Lullaby, which I loved. I’ve found that I either love or hate her books. I recommend The Truth About Forever and Just Listen.


int cptr

Darnell Arnoult is the author of Sufficient Grace and What Travels With Us: Poems. My boyfriend did this interview for a class assignment, and I thought it might be cool to share on here. I haven’t read Sufficient Grace (yet), but from the bits my boyfriend has read aloud to me, it sounds interesting. I’ve read some of her poems, which I really enjoyed. Check out her work here and here.

Click here to read>>> interview with Darnell Arnoult.