Crochet? I think you mean croch-YAY!

It’s so inspiring to think that you can teach yourself to crochet and create such gorgeous, well-designed pieces that are 100% yours. It’s incredibly satisfying to complete a project that you had a hand in from start to finish…using only a piece of string, a crochet hook, and scissors! I have been really inspired by some of the crocheted things I’ve seen on the internet lately. Here are a few…enjoy!


In LOVE with this dress, which says a lot since I am not a huge fan of granny squares. I would love to make a similar dress next spring. The main issue is how to handle the waistline. Will it be stretchy enough to pull over my shoulders or is there a zipper sewn onto the back? (This was taken by LEE OLIVEIRA during men’s fashion week in Milan last year.)


What an adorable, simple design ^^ This shirt makes me smile. I found this via onesheepishgirl. It’s a Warmi product, but is no longer for sale 😦 This shirt is knitted, but I think it will easily translate into crochet if I decide to do that.


This crocheted romper is from Free People. I already own 3 rompers (I’m wearing one right now!), and I think I need to add this one to my collection. I can’t afford this one, and I’m not sure my crochet skills are advanced enough for a project like this. Looks like I’ll have to put this one on my to-do list.


Helen Rodel hand crochets some pretty amazing items. This photo is from her s/s 2013 collection. Wow, just wow. Helen Rodel, please teach me how to crochet.














This blog, being entirely in Spanish, is a bit difficult to understand. As far as I can tell, she hand crochets these amazing dresses and sells them here.




5 thoughts on “Crochet? I think you mean croch-YAY!

  1. I am a massive fan of crochet, but i always think people arent willing to pay a decent price for crochet items even though it takes so much time and effort to make beautiful crochet items…and that dress is amazing!!!!

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