Candle Crazy // Fall Hike // Crocheted ‘Corn

Today I realized that I really like candles. Is it the soft glow through Himalayan salt? The graceful glass stem of a candle holder? The lighting and blowing out of matches? I’m not sure, but I have been burning through these things since I got back from fall break yesterday.
The glass holder is from my stepmother, the Himalayan salt candle holder is my boyfriend’s.


Speaking of fall break, it was nice to visit with a few people from home. My dad took the kids hiking at Land Between the Lakes (LBL). (The last picture is my sister, not me)

This is a quick little project I whipped up before I went on fall break. This little guy is hanging over by bookshelf along with a leaf and 2D yarn-embroidered pumpkin that did not turn out as cute as I planned. I crocheted the cap first, then made a bottom to fit using all single stitches. Sewn together with yarn and a yarn needle.


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