Crochet? I think you mean croch-YAY!

It’s so inspiring to think that you can teach yourself to crochet and create such gorgeous, well-designed pieces that are 100% yours. It’s incredibly satisfying to complete a project that you had a hand in from start to finish…using only a piece of string, a crochet hook, and scissors! I have been really inspired by some of the crocheted things I’ve seen on the internet lately. Here are a few…enjoy!


In LOVE with this dress, which says a lot since I am not a huge fan of granny squares. I would love to make a similar dress next spring. The main issue is how to handle the waistline. Will it be stretchy enough to pull over my shoulders or is there a zipper sewn onto the back? (This was taken by LEE OLIVEIRA during men’s fashion week in Milan last year.)


What an adorable, simple design ^^ This shirt makes me smile. I found this via onesheepishgirl. It’s a Warmi product, but is no longer for sale 😦 This shirt is knitted, but I think it will easily translate into crochet if I decide to do that.


This crocheted romper is from Free People. I already own 3 rompers (I’m wearing one right now!), and I think I need to add this one to my collection. I can’t afford this one, and I’m not sure my crochet skills are advanced enough for a project like this. Looks like I’ll have to put this one on my to-do list.


Helen Rodel hand crochets some pretty amazing items. This photo is from her s/s 2013 collection. Wow, just wow. Helen Rodel, please teach me how to crochet.














This blog, being entirely in Spanish, is a bit difficult to understand. As far as I can tell, she hand crochets these amazing dresses and sells them here.




REVIEW: The Mad Potter in Lexington, KY

As part of my birthday, my sister and I went to a Paint Your Own Pottery place in Lexington called The Mad Potter. While I enjoyed spending time with my sister and painting pottery, I was disappointed with this business. Compared to the Funky Monkey in Draffenville, KY, the Funky Monkey wins hands down. Here’s why.

1. $$$

When I walked in The Mad Potter, I was pretty sure that I wanted to paint a ring dish like one I had seen in Funky Monkey that was only $6. The exact same product was $12 at The Mad Potter. I noticed at pretty much all the items were priced higher than the Funky Monkey.

Diamond design inspired by Hyuna’s new song, “Ice Cream.” One line I have stuck in my head is “my diamond ring, so bling bling.”

2. Service

The atmosphere at Funky Monkey was warm, friendly, and energetic. The employees were very outgoing and helpful. There were racks of books to look through if you needed some inspiration, lazy susans to make painting large objects easier, and a wide variety of brushes available.

There is a subtle pattern of St. George cross stitches in white, inspired by my growing interest in embroidery.

None of these things were at The Mad Potter. There was a lot of awkward silence since my sister and I were the only customers in the store for almost the entire time we were there. The employees didn’t seem to be extremely knowledgeable, and they don’t make customers wash their hands before touching unpainted pottery (I saw several dirty fingerprints on products).

3. Quality

This is the biggest issue I had with The Mad Potter. Both mine and my sister’s finished pieces had imperfections on the bottom. It looks like someone took a drill to it. Mine only had one spot, but Natasha’s has three. Our theory is that whoever fired the pottery must have done it at the wrong temperature or dropped it onto something.

The Funky Monkey can take up to two weeks to fire your pottery, but at least they don’t give it back with holes in the bottom.

It took a little while to paint all those tiny crosses on the bottom, which is how I know that that hole was NOT there before it was fired.


If you can find another PYOP place around Lexington, definitely check that out before going to The Mad Potter. And if you’re in western Kentucky anytime, you should stop by the Funky Monkey for a fun and affordable painting experience. Besides the hole in the bottom of my ring dish, I’m pretty happy with how it looks. 🙂

Candle Crazy // Fall Hike // Crocheted ‘Corn

Today I realized that I really like candles. Is it the soft glow through Himalayan salt? The graceful glass stem of a candle holder? The lighting and blowing out of matches? I’m not sure, but I have been burning through these things since I got back from fall break yesterday.
The glass holder is from my stepmother, the Himalayan salt candle holder is my boyfriend’s.


Speaking of fall break, it was nice to visit with a few people from home. My dad took the kids hiking at Land Between the Lakes (LBL). (The last picture is my sister, not me)

This is a quick little project I whipped up before I went on fall break. This little guy is hanging over by bookshelf along with a leaf and 2D yarn-embroidered pumpkin that did not turn out as cute as I planned. I crocheted the cap first, then made a bottom to fit using all single stitches. Sewn together with yarn and a yarn needle.