Visual Project Library: Granny shoes, owl pillow, geometric hat, sleepy dormouse

I have come to the conclusion that I accomplish more things when I have specific plans, so I’ve drawn up some of the craft projects I am working on/planning in the hopes that they’ll get done sooner. Here are a few things from my visual to-do list so far:

I call these my granny shoes because I actually took these from my grandma a couple years ago (she was going to donate them to Goodwill since they pinched her toes). These little slip-on, canvas shoes have served me well. Up until now, they’ve been blank, which is all about to change as I take on the challenge of embroidering anything I can get my hands on hahaha. I used a couching stitch on one side of each shoe so far. I’m not sure about the front yet, since the top is elasticized (French knots, maybe?).



Crocheted Owl Pillow

I bought the yarn for this project already but haven’t started it. I’m going to use all single crochet stitches (like you do in amigurumi projects) so I won’t have to worry about lining it before it’s stuffed.








Natasha’s Knitted Hat

I’m going to make a two-color hat for my sister as a Christmas gift. I’ve only recently gotten into two-colored knitting; while it’s not quite as simple as two-color crocheting, it’s simpler than I thought it would be. I really like the cream and gray color yarn I picked out.

The geometric pattern is taken from a school library book: Sampler Knitting by Barbara Walker.







A Sleepy (embroidered) Dormouse

I’m sure you recognize this little guy from Alice in Wonderland. This is my first big embroidery project. I traced him with a water soluble marker (I smudged it a little…) onto white cotton material. I’m having a bit of trouble with my stem stitches; they’re either tiny (like the tip top of the tea pot) or large and look more like satin stitches. This is mostly intended as a practice piece anyway, so I’m not going to stress about it too much.


My 20th birthday, in which I have the most awkward restaurant experience ever

I turned twenty this weekend! Woohoo! To celebrate, I skipped my non-important class to go to the mall and eat out with my boyfriend.

We went to Arirang Garden in Lexington, KY. It was probably the most awkward restaurant experience in my life. The lack of service was so embarrassing that, for a brief moment, I considered walking out without paying since no one was paying attention anyway. Instead, after standing around the table for a minute, I walked across the room to ask the waitress if we could pay.

On the positive side, my boyfriend ate his first meal using chopsticks! Pretty impressive for a white guy ūüėõ After leaving Arirang Garden, we went to the mall and had lots of fun.

Here are some of the things I got for my birthday:

1.¬†Midnighters Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. I have been wanting to read this series for a while, but could never seem to find them in a library. Turns out Hastings had all three for bargain prices this weekend…$2.99 each!

2. From my boyfriend. I love this book. It is well written (and funny) and has cool projects with included iron-on transfers. (This was actually an early birthday present – Project photos to come later)

3. Once again, I have perfect timing. I’ve been wanting to add to my yarn collection, and it just so happens that Michaels had a four-hour sale today. That’s right, 25% off your entire purchase, including sale items. Maybe I should have bought more…

3.¬†I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I bought this dress from Forever21. I can’t wait to wear it with these…

2. Boots! Finally I have some nice heels I can wear during cold weather! These are Liz Claiborne shoes from JcPenney.

Headphone Rescue, Dr. Frankenstein style

Three years ago, my brother and sister bought me these awesome Aerial7 headphones for Christmas. They’ve held up really well until a few weeks ago when the material covering the ear cups started to rip. I still love these headphones, and there isn’t anything else wrong with them, so I decided to fix them up!

I ripped off the remaining tatters of the pink material before removing the ear cup (or whatever it’s actually called).

I used a thin cotton material. Because of the curved shape, I ended up using two pieces of material.

It’s not the prettiest, but I worked hard on it. The hardest part was sewing along the inside of the circle.

The final product! Getting the ear cup back on is wayyy harder than taking it off.

I kind of like the mismatched look, don’t you?

Watercolors + Ink

Broke out the watercolors again this week. I decided to use ink as well since I wasn’t really satisfied with the faded looking pencil outlines from before.

This was from a lookbook from They have some really cool outfits on there.

This is my sister in an outfit I thought looked really cute on her. I had a hard time drawing her face, and unfortunately I did it in ink…She’s really pretty, I promise!

Rows of Bows

I love bows! I think that almost everything is better with a bow on it. I wear them in my hair frequently and made 3 new bows last week to add to my growing collection.

The three on the right are the ones I made last week. The blue one is actually made from leftover scraps of a curtain that was too long for the window.

Top two on the left are ones I rediscovered from my childhood via the “random-hair-things drawer at home (you know you have one, too!). Bottom two on the left are just tied ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Here I am wearing the houndstooth bow. Yay houndstooth!

This one is not actually a bow, but I really like this hairpiece. I almost always get compliments when I wear it. My mom gave this one to me ^^

Back to the Drawing Board

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything (*cough cough* drawing II last semester), so I felt a little rusty when I got out the sketchbook last week. However, I’m fairly pleased with the three I’ve finished so far. (I used pencil and watercolor)

This one is a product photo of the Mella Jacket from, which is a really cool store that, unfortunately, does not ship to the states ūüė¶ I cheated a bit and drew her eyes closed.

This one is meee! I’m wearing a BCBG romper and Aldo sneakers. I absolutely love bows on everything (hence the large one atop my head).

This image is from Toga’s aw12 lookbook, which I am 100% in love with…this line is simply amazing.

And for comparison, here are a few drawings I did while I was in drawing class last year.

Drapery study

These are my two favorite pair of heels that I own. BCBG, left; Gianni Bini, right. The blue marks are there because my drawing I teacher makes all her students paint their sketchbooks before drawing in them.

Not sure where I got the original image from…probably somewhere on

I think this one also came from an editorial I spotted on…

Have a great day!

The Avett Brothers in Indianapolis

The Avett Brothers concert was amazing! They sound just as awesome in person as they do in their albums, and I hope they come through Lexington on their next tour. If I have enough money, I would definitely get tickets for the front section. Here are a few pictures from the show (and a few videos at the bottom).


Because you have to have a few awkward car pictures before every concert.



The Avett brothers brought out their father, Jim Avett, for the encore. He even sang a little (a gospel song). They ended the night with “Salvation Song” (from the Mignonette album) – a perfect ending to a great show ūüôā