NOFX in Cincinnati: My First Punk Show

I’m not a punk kind of girl. But somehow I ended up with a ticket to a punk rock show in Cincinnati this past Wednesday. Not only that, but my sister insisted that I need to experience “the pit.”

For those of you who don’t know, the mosh pit is the area in front of the stage where fans crowd together to jump around, punch each other, and go crazy. My best friend, a seasoned veteran when we were in high school, had told about the “wall of death” and going home with bruises and beer-soaked Converse, so I knew kind of what to expect.

During the (three!) opening acts, there was a baby of a mosh pit. I stood on the edge and watched the small whirlwind of kicking, punching the air, and shoving while watching out for the empty beer bottles being thrown in the air. By the time NOFX came on stage, the place was full and I could barely turn around. I was not prepared for the first song.

I’m not gonna lie – I screamed. It was like being on one of those fair rides where you’re being slung around helplessly with scary music blasting in your ear, and you’re screaming, but no one can hear you over the music. I’m being pushed in different directions and the sudden change knocks me off balance but I can’t fall because I’m surrounded by other people but now they’re moving too and I almost fall over but someone grabs my shoulder and helps me up and the same person keeps hitting me in the base of my skull and that can’t be good because I need my cerebellum working and gross(!) I think I just touched that fat person’s armpit with my face. Then, all of a sudden, the song is over. Repeat this a few more times and you have yourself a NOFX concert.

I stayed in the pit for about half the set before retiring to the back of the venue where all the calm people stood. Even though I’ve decided that punk shows are not for me, I can say that I enjoyed going on this trip, and I can see why some people would enjoy them.

Here’s what I learned at my first punk show:

  1. One spilled beer turns the floor into a dangerous and smelly slip ‘n slide. All of a sudden, moshing to the opening acts just got a lot harder. Give it an hour and it turns into a sticky trap.
  2. (Most) people in mosh pits are as polite as they are violent. One second you’re getting punched in the head, the next you’re being lifted from the ground by five strangers before there is even a chance to get your fingers stepped on (a very impressive feat).
  3. Mohawks are scary and hilarious. I was cracking up watching these guys standing behind a mohawked girl banging her head to the music. They would dodge and put their hands up every time she turned her head.

On another note, I just bought tickets to see my favorite band, The Avett Brothers, next weekend in Indianapolis! Did I mention I have an Avett Bros tattoo?! I can’t wait! I will definitely be posting about that next week 🙂


One thought on “NOFX in Cincinnati: My First Punk Show

  1. Just for the record, there was an unusual amount of beer being thrown that night. Some always ends up spilled on the floor, but most of the time you won’t see that many people chucking full cans and cups lol

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